Missing BTC and having zero balance

I am writing to report a critical issue with my wallet. On 16th March 2024, at about 13:33PM Nigeria Time I conducted a transaction to send $141 worth of BTC to a close relative. However, upon checking my wallet afterward, I was alarmed to discover that $3000 plus worth of BTC had been deducted without my authorization.

I urgently request your assistance in resolving this matter. Attached, please find screenshots detailing all transactions, including the unauthorized deduction, along with dates and times.

I have tried all the troubleshooting
Ok today a close relative send me $30 worth of BTC its showing on the transaction history but am still having a zero balance
Please I have also register a ticket and still yet it haven’t been resolved

@solex2 Please provide your receiving address and a transaction hash if you have one.

Whose address am I sharing my wallet or the receiver [address 2883a91e869f3195249e00820dee855028e132a416a9ba010d9680627112a9ab

@solex2 Your receiving address

Why should I send my receiving address

The hash I sent will help you check it out

@solex2 Please submit a ticket to the customer support team then