Missing coins after sent to smartchain

I sent ELONGATE to SMARTCHAIN BNB through trust walllet and now my money has gone missing could someone please help me out

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You have sent on where? Please share the tx hash too for check-ups.

Sorry can anyone help me make a post I have a similar issue I can’t see where to post

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Hello I sent on trust wallet also I’m new to all of this what is the tx hash

How did you make a post? I’m trying to work out how to make my own and I can’t

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Click the trust wallet icon on the left side and then click new topic then type you question

0x5b9e30b5125e394ef5b7e292cebb8cb21cf0bd3fbb5fcd0bd3d6b90ba79a0cdf This is the tx hash

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Looks like you have spend your coins. You have did bunch of self transaction each day and then you sell it off on Pancakeswap

Is there anyway I can get them back or are they now gone I have tried to find a way but don’t really know what I am doing

I alsi sent my smart chain coins to a safe bank…but the coins are not appearing on my safe bank but on the smart chain it says sent…please help

I had same issue of missing tokens/coins, after making a transactions 8-10 days before. Can’t understand how to get the missing funds or tokens

I sent safemoon to smartchain bnb 11 days ago. It shows the transaction went through but i never received the smartchain. Please help

Hi, can you help me, identify the issue and recover the lost token/funds. I made transfer in BNB to Binance BNB and then further to purchase token, but I feel there’s some mistake or something, I got my fund lost in the process

Same. here. have you resolved the issue? it’s been like two weeks for me already

Hi, please tap on top right corner and search for the token missing then switch on token BEP20 manually.

Or You can add it as custom token.

Hello I bought a crypto This morning they took the money and I never received my crypto it’s about zilliqa ok please I wanna get my crypto…thanks

Hello it’s already been added when I sent the coins so I really don’t know what to do

Hello last night I try to withdraw some safemoom in trust wallet I send more than 4million shares on usdt my shares are decreased and I never received any usdt until now I still have 0 usdt and they take my money I wanna get my safemoom back please

HL I transferred usdt from binance to trust wallet but didn’t get it.what can I do?