Missing "CONTINUE" button on screen

When accessing Recovery phase"

I am missing the continue button on the app when
Selecting wallet - pressing 3 dots - then selecting “show recovery phase” I get my recovery words but after that the page does not allow to progress further because NO “Continue” button where it supposed to be at the bottom of phone screen Please help.


Hi @Jonny1,

It is intended. There is no continue button in the very first place since you are simply getting your recovery phrase.

Hi, well not according to screenshots of help Ive seen online. There is a continue button

I don’t have a continue button on my Android phone. Are you referring to this kind of screenshot?


Looks like it’s for iOS. What is your Trust Wallet app version? (open the app, go to the settings of the app and press “About”, take a screenshot, and attach it here)

I’m curious about this topic. I have multi-coin wallet that says if I lose access to the device my funds will be lost unless I back up.
All foruns and videos show the backup pathway with a “continue” button that sits behind the recovery phase, but I don’t remember to see it. Does it means I do not have a proper backup made at this stage?