Missing crypto (WETH, ronin chain)

Hi Support team,
I sent some WETH from my Binance to my address at Trust Wallet : 0x655951f9e109a2F1Ea238073A59AB10DE8C184E9. But i still didn’t receive crypto even though the status of transaction is SUCCESS.

Here is the transaction ID: 0x39b1585fb894d5080f5f5e1179e21c90f30fc2aa200095a47ce50ea054d59570

Here is the link website address of transaction: Transaction 0x39b1585fb894d5080f5f5e1179e21c90f30fc2aa200095a47ce50ea054d59570 | Ronin Block Explorer

If you can not trust my link, in case you think it is phising. You can find transaction on explorer Ronin chain.

Please check and help me.

Many thanks,

Dan Nguyen

trust wallet dosent support ronin network and you have to use ronin wallet. import your trust wallet using recovery keys to ronin wallet and then you can use it.

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Hi Shirdal,
How dumb i am. Hehe. I just found it out right after this post was waiting for it approved.
Thank you btw, the problem has solved :smiley: