Missing ETH after redeeming unstacked amount

Hey guys, this morning I redeemed my unstacked ETH.
The total was around 2.79, but I received back to my wallet 2.75. Now, the transaction fee was of 0.005, any ideas where the remaining 0.04 has gone?
Thanks for the help!


@Jean-Visc Please check your address on the explorer; etherscan.io

Hey @Tobi , checked, everything is correct.
I had around 2.79 to redeem, but as I can see from the transaction, only 2.74 were transferred.

@Jean-Visc What is the transaction hash?

Hey Toby, here you are:
Thanks a lot.

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@Jean-Visc Your tokens are complete

Calculate the total you have received minus the amount out plus gas fees.

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Hey Toby, It is actually not correct. After I unstacked the total, I had 2.79 available to redeem. But the redeem transaction transferred only 2.75, and the fees were estimated for 0.005. So I don’t understand where the remaining 0.05 is gone.

@Jean-Visc All your transactions in

  • Approximately 2.743 + 0.017 + 0.009 + 2.745
    Total: 5.514 ETH

Transactions out

  • Approximately 2.738

Gas charged

  • 0.004 + 0.013 + 0.005
    Total: 2.76 ETH

5.514 - 2.76 = 2.754 approximately

It’s all on the blockchain explorer.
The blockchain is always correct.