Missing FEG tokens cont'd


Thank you for the info about opening a new wallet. I still have a question about the over 9 billion FEG tokens that I did transfer correctly that are still missing. I am attaching screenshots of the original purchase of over 18 billion FEG that will show the gradual reduction in token as I tried to convert the FEG into other tokens. Please disregard the transfer of 9,371,750,498.14813521 FEG as that was the transfer I mistakenly sent to FEG.

Can you assist me in getting my other FEG tokens back?

Thank you.

Hello @Mdub0537
I already responded to you on another thread regarding this thread.
Please be informed that Trust Wallet cannot reverse, cancel, nor refund confirmed transactions in the blockchain.

So even if my transfers were correct (not the ones I sent to FEG) but disappeared, I have no recourse? The transactions clearly show that my transfers were going to my other Trust Wallet tokens.

I am sorry to be a nuisance, but I need to understand if Trust Wallet is safe to use if my tokens disappear when the transfers are done correctly. Again, I am not asking about the tokens I sent to FEG by mistake. I am only interested in the balance of FEG tokens that are missing.

The tokens you sent to your own address are still in your wallet but you also sent them to a contract address after

The tokens I sent to my own address are not in my wallet. I am not talking about the tokens I sent to FEG in error.

The tokens you sent to the FEG contract are unrecoverable, i already replied you on this.

You have not replied to where my missing 9 billion FEG tokens are. I am not sure where the breakdown in communication is coming from. I originally had 18 billion FEG tokens. I accidentally sent half back to FEG. I still have 9 billion FEG remaining that have disappeared. You have not replied to where the rest of my FEG tokens are. Please understand that I originally had over 18 billion FEG tokens. Only 9 billion went to FEG. I should have more than 9 billion FEG in my Trust wallet but I don’t. Please show me where I sent 18 billion to FEG. I only know about 9 billion. I do NOT expect Trust to recover the tokens I sent to FEG. I understand Trust Wallet cannot recover them. I just want the remaining 9 billion FEG that I transferred within my Trust wallet to be recovered. If I transferred 18 billion FEG tokens to FEG, please show me.


Is there any update on my missing FEG tokens (not the tokens sent to FEG) but the remaining 9 billion FEG tokens that disappeared from my Trust wallet?



I am checking for an update on my missing FEG tokens.

Thank you,

Your tokens are not missing
This was your first swap of FEG tokens where you swapped out 17M tokens

You received 10M FEG tokens after which you sent 9M FEG tokens to the FEG contract address.
Check your wallet transaction history here