Missing funds from my old wallet after importing new wallet

Hi. I had $2,082 in BTC in my old Trust wallet account. I was paid about $2400+ in BTC some days ago. But the new payments was not reflected in my wallet. So i searched for the likely causes of this problem on Trust Wallet. One of the solutions was to update my Trust Wallet app and re-import the wallet. One of thr steps to re-importing the wallet required me to delete the old wallet. I did the importing successfully. Now, i have a new wallet but the initial $2082 in my old wallet as well as the $2400+ i was paid are not in my new wallet. What can i do please? I still have my recovery phrases to both the old wallet and the new wallet.

Here is the TxID/proof of payment to my old wallet address. It alao contains my old wallet address.

Transaction: 78011636c2c86fd71175a1a841feeaa2283305b9992f833b2808f5f0a3d00cc6 | Blockchain.com.

I have alao attached my ild balance

This is my new Trust Wallet address

Kindly treat as urgent. Thanks.

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Hello @Ifeanyi2excel , we can’t help you

This wallet is empty you can see on the block explorer