Missing funds / transaction not processed

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I am in need of some assistance.
My transaction posted successfully but my coins are not available in my wallet and I am missing nearly 100$. Can an admin message me directly or call me? PLEASE!!! AND THANK HKH!


Did you recently purchase crypto directly from the app?
You need to contact our partner providers directly to confirm the transaction.
Check the list here:


i have use trustwallet old dogecoin address with sent dogecoin but not received new dogecoin address !
I have sent support !!!

  1. Trust Wallet app version 1.21.5
  2. DE1TcDFJ55rhuvsDyy8ZAwN3cckp9dHT6H (old address )
  3. Transaction ID DOGE Transaction 7c65b1441c8ab6eb7b128c6be3c4fa887eaf790cafbb2e194f1e1998330c67f0 | BlockCypher

Hi @jucknxk

You need to go to “Settings,” press “Security,” and enable the “Auto change address.”

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