Missing ID number

Kindly advise how a missed ID can be recovered…There was a network error upon registering of member.Now the member has no ID

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What do you mean by ID number? The app does not have such ID.

You know like gow eeveryone gets an iD so you can view them on the structure. Eg ID 174532. Our member did not get that due to a network failure. So we cant see him on the system and all the people we registered under him. Is it possible to allocate him a number so je can be visible on the structure?

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As what I mentioned before. That app does not issue such member ID.
The app lets you create a Multi-Coin Wallet and that is it.
No ID is given, no information is taken from the user.
You may have reach the wrong support team.

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Ok noted. We used the wallet to register for Million Money etherium. I guess they are the ones who give ID numbers not you. Thought you were linked. Are you not linked to Million Money etherium?

We are not affiliated with the DApp, Million Money.
They most likely advertised their project and attached the Trust Wallet app to promote their project.
If you have issues with their platform, then you need to reach out to them.

Here is a list of DApps that Trust Wallet recognizes.
We do not control or endorse the Dapps listed, simply provide them as a list of convenience for you.