Missing meta floki after transfer from pancakeswap

Hello… last night i just swapped meta floki token from pancakeswap to trustwallet. shown as successfully done but nothing in the trust wallet.
I’ve read some of same topics.
please help

Here is the infos for the transaction


  1. wallet address

  2. transaction hash

  3. wallet

Hello did you do your research on this token before investing on it?
It shows you made a swap of 0.58 BNB but received 0 of the Meta Floki tokens

Thanks for the reply

Yes, i did double check if mfloki is scam or not.
it was ok.
As you see, in the bscscan report input data shows “o amountout”, “deadline” etcs.

The first step of transfer is good, but the second(the last) step(from pancakeswap to trustwallet)is jammed, i guess.

So would you have any good idea to solve the problem?
please help…

The best thing would be to contact the mfloki support team regarding this deposit.