Missing my history transaction (BNB)

I sent the money to the exchange office for cash, but the money was not received, and after a while, the history in the trust wallet disappeared.
And I ticked the Trust wallet support, even after 4 days without answering
Please how can I return my money to the trust wallet?

this is my Transaction ID: 0x87c5a41809aaa9d4aa8ed804894b22ceb765dd76e66bda8115198ea972a3742d

and here my Screenshots ofTrust Wallet app version, Screenshots of Crypto wallet address, Screenshots of the wallet

@shima02 I can’t locate this transaction hash, can you send transaction link instead? Where did you send your tokens from?

it was existing at first but somehow I can’t find anything else
there is no hash anymore and the transaction does not exist

@shima02 you can contact sender platform for this, ask them for transaction hash of the missing transaction.

I gave a ticket to the support, but still, after all these working days, they did not answer me
Help me, please
It’s a lot of money for me

@shima02 nothing we can do, only sender can help with this issue.


@Alan47 I have lost my coins on trust wallet twice now due to using the in-app swap function. I made the swap on trust wallet and my coins left and never came back. This is my wallet address: 0xbd13472bc3b24f079aa192c734fd632d1fa2d041
This swap simply made my coins disappear: 0x49ea8ddcedf3f6dc7c05ba4a724936dd6ccc4fee0135c39a55f6085ede576ab7
After that I made another swap that worked, and then this swap also made my coins disappear: 0xe46f7a72b4f7e92a12912ed38d87c968f4ef0b0a18102ee19974750a42eb1942
after that I tested the swap by swappin 0.001 and when it worked I made another swap for 0.5 bnb. Both times the swap was made after approving with the pancakeswap router( that is what it says in the transaction history) Basically the swaps malfunctionned and sent to a random address(my theory).
My app version is 2.1 on Android.
This happened awhile ago and I almost lost hope after trying to make a ticket so many times, and I’ve only recently discovered the trust wallet forum, it is important to me to get it back.

Hello @Sweat
After checking the transaction hash, I can conclude those two transactions aren’t swaps you made but direct transfers to other addresses.