Missing my token after swapping on pacake

Hi I haven’t recived my baby shiba inu tokens after swapping on pancake, can you please help me with that?

I sawpped BNB to Baby Shiba and on pancake it shows the finished transaction but I’m missing my tokens and their value.

I added them already to my wallet list manually but there is no amount of token shown.

It doesn’t allow me to post any media on here:

App Version: 6.6

My adress: 0x41bc98da1e2cfb2ee0f36c50b34952f497f25192

Transaction hash: 0x2609fa590390fafd07632dfe2f2b4dcdbd5aaa68dabf61df20a24f8ba1536a05

I recieved only .002651 lovely inu in place of 26,519,618.65460765
Transaction hash :

Hello @Nespresso123 can you share the DApp link you used for swapping? It seems your tokens redirected to 0xb7e2656ba2162a4358e70b06abf523d7211746c0 after swapping.

Anyway… you have already answered on this thread: HELP! Lost My Baby Shiba Inu Token after swapping on pancake!