Missing ONE after swap with BNB

hello guys.
today i made a transaction from this address as you can check
i swapped 0.261418 bnb (126$) to harmony-one and i got 460 ONE which is 57$
from the calculation i should’ve had 1050 #ONE
i mean where is the missing fund ? where did it go ?
and yes i re imported my wallet and nothing have changed.
i would really appreciate it if you help me.

@amir_mrj you placed the ‘limit order’ yourself and set the price 0.0005683 per ONE token.

Simple math:
0.0005683 x 460 = 0.261418 BNB.

how could i do that ? actually i didnt change any default setting, i’ve just pressed swap in trust wallet application on my mobile and this happened.

@amir_mrj ‘Limit Order’ means you set the price by your self and pressed the order.

‘Market order’ means you press the order with current market price.

From the explorer, the type of order is ‘Limit order’.

thank you for your answer, i dont really know where did i made a mistake.
is it mean there is no way that i can have it back with market value ?

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@amir_mrj nothing can be done, order already filled successfully. Next time, you have to check the price before placing the order.

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