Missing Pancake Swap transaction

Pardon my ignorance but I am new to all of this. I made a swap using pancake swap. Transaction was successful but the coins never made it to my Trust wallet.

  1. Trust Wallet app version 5.17
  2. Wallet where funds should have ended up (I believe) rL7jxvNwhN3Nmv3QH5DSihXpWsV4b4FZhr
  3. Transaction hash 0xa6ebe5f38198cb1889a3d50fab245d740b68f5772d67b59783f5f23ea8a59182 or 0x82fe4ce724845803290837940d304f82b5114e1d38ddc3e8749c2e12a6a3fd5a
  4. Screenshots of the wallet!

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Just wait for it, it will definitely appear

Thanks for the info. I’ll contact them.

Hey Guys,

I have recently got some safemoon tokens.I have like 4 billion. The number keeps changing as I’m watching in my trust wallet.

How do I find out the value of it in my trust wallet ?

You cant Do this in the wallet right now. However you can use the app coinmarketcap to add the coin there as well, it will show you the total value of your coin.

Hey did your coins ever turn up? I’ve just had the same thing happen. Was expecting some USDT to turn up and they haven’t for like an hour now

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Yes. Have to delete wallet and then restore. Finally showed up. Make sure you know your pass phrase.

I swapped Safemoon to ETH and the To address is my wallet although nothing has shown up. I deleted the wallet then restored via passphrase and still nothing.