Missing radicle toke bought with smartcontract

Am missing the tokens i bought from Radicle smart contract and airdrop or showing in my wallet and no reflection of value

Txid 1


Txid 2


Txid 3

I have another wallet which i have 10 tokens , the same problem,

I reimported the wallet ,checked version kindly help me out

Hi there, trust wallet takes price information from popular sites like CoinmarketCap. The Trust app will show what CMC shows. Such price difference or not showing value happens when that token/coin has low trading volume to get trust score on CoinmarketCap or their active pairs aren’t listed.

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Binance will list Radicle (RAD) and will open trading for RAD/BTC, RAD/BNB, RAD/BUSD, and RAD/USDT trading pairs at 2021-10-07 07:00 (UTC).

Dear jenny am aware of the information you are telling me, but i did my research about the toke and its already listed and trading on binance.
Radicle token and on trust wallet its showing a price of 13 usd now you can check it for your self.

Thank you

Hello @Miladgij
Checking this again, it seems you may have purchased the wrong token.
The radicle listed on Binance is on the Ethereum network.