Missing SOL Balance in the latest version 7.5(638)

Hi Team / Admin,
I’d like to raise some recent issues that I notice.
Recently I just sent SOL token from my another wallet to Trust account. The first 2 transfers were working fine, I can see my balance right and I can stake my SOL.

Today I sent again, now it’s not showing for some reasons.
I create this topic in case some other users might experience the same thing as what happened to my wallet.

Below is the details.

Transaction ID: kCuniQNce4Qw6vyxqTF9Drn1XpZ3e6NgBGEnSLqqjkQBigK41y5a32fd1vURVEeref3y61k9MUXpo5SV748AcgD

I did remove my wallet and reimport with no luck.
In summary:

  • Missing balance on my TOTAL portfolio (SOL) - it’s now showing $0.00 though I have staked my SOL (I can see in my transaction history)
  • Missing the latest SOL that I received today, though I can see that my current address should have a balance of

Please advise, thank you.


@LoraOrora we’re aware of this issue. Devs are working on it. It’ll be fixed on upcoming update v7.6. Sorry for inconvenience we’ve caused.


Hi, the same thing happened to me with a SOL transfer I made this morning. The first two transfers I made last Wednesday went thru quick and was able to stake the SOL. This morning’s transfer is showing compete when I check the transactions under SOL but the balance hasn’t updated. It’s still just showing what I staked earlier in the week.
I saw Alan47 response. Any idea when v7.6 will be released?
Thanks for any updates.

@Alan47 Any idea when update v7.6 will be released so that our SOL balance will update? Same situation happening to me as with @LoraOrora

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I have exactly the same problem… I sent some SOL to my account, never had a problem before but yesterday the transaction appears to be successful but no update in the balance nor available SOL the proceed to look my wallet in solanas blockchain and my funds were there so I thought the problem was on the display of Trust Wallet so I reset my wallet and now my balance show 0, all the transaction history is in there so there’s proof and no staking showing but if you try to stake SOL will appear your stake active so please help us… you can’t unstake because you don’t have fund to withdrawal the stake but you can’t deposit… because no balance will update…

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Thank you for your reply and confirmation.
We ll be patiently waiting for the next release, thank you developers team!

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i was panic yesterday and thinking whether i got hacked or what.

All good mate, they ll fix it ASAP :slight_smile:

@LoraOrora @Jeffjav @Andremtz update is ready. Update your apps and refresh. If problem persists let us know.

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I can confirm the latest version is working as expected, thanks you buddy and team.

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Great! Glad to know that. If you have further inquiries, feel free to message us. Stay SAFU!

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