Missing transaction history

I believe my Trust wallet was hacked and my cryptos transferred to an address. However, I still had some coins left (%1). I deleted my wallet and recovered it then added my custom tokens but it shows 0 coins. Also I cannot see my transactions (where it says transactions will appear here) as in I never had any of the coins. Am I doing something wrong? How would I be able to sort it out? Thanks.

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I woke up with a zero balance as well. A very small amount of my safe moon was left however the BnB I bought the same day was approved but never showed in my balance. Something happened to all of us yesterday. I’d love to know what

When you recovered your wallet, can you still see the transaction history?
Before I deleted the app and recovered it, I had a record of receiving (when I bought) and the amount that was transferred out (hacked). However, now it’s blank.

Yes it showed coins received and sent out all within a minute of each other. Also sent transactions on pancake swap same time frame. After much research I’ve come to the conclusion that it was pancake swap. They really need to do more to warn people about that. Especially when you’re talking about some people doing transactions far into the thousands and hundred thousands. Luckily for me it only amounted to about a couple hundred dollars. It still sucks.

The same happens yesterday to me. Did you get helpto get the coins back.?

No they are gone forever. I didn’t even realize it was hacked at first and I even purchased more coins about 400$ total and lost everything.