Missing tx blob Code: 400

Hi guys, I’m trying to send BCH from my wallet to another and I get the following error:

I have the latest version of TrustWallet 7.7 Android, no updates.

Hello @Madnessiano,

Our engineers are working on BCH issue. I will update you once issue is fixed.

Sorry for inconvenience.

It still doesn’t work. How many more days do we have to wait?

We need to do transfer.


Newest update on Android still doesn’t work too. Uncomfortable, I’m waiting to fix on newest update about 6 days.

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i have same error, trust wallet receive bch but can’t send anywhere. I got a 4 5 error today, this is pretty bad because I buy BCH to pay, but the more I leave it, the more the price drops :frowning: please check and fix it soon

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Tidak bisa withdraw sudah update versi mohon panduanya