Missing XRP Transaction Logs (balance is OK). Any way to force a rescan?

I have noticed that especially with XRP transactions that the Trust Wallet often does not record a transaction history on received deposits on the wallet token detail screen – but does properly update the balance properly on received transactions. This is using the android app.

Is there a mechanism for users to force a rescan of the ledger from the date that the wallet address was established and activated on the ledger? This would be an excellent feature for users to have if not. I understand that it might take some time to rescan the ledger. But this transactional history is quite useful for accounting/records for tax reporting etc.

I would think that re-importing the multi-coin wallet from seed phrases would be an implicit automatic rescan to construct all the transactional history. But it does not seem to be designed that way.

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Missing eth,
In sent eth from hot hotbit to my trust wallet but it has not received yet.


Hi, @Afarin you received Binance peg ETH not native ETH, so it will not displayed on Ethereum native coin balance.

To be able to view it, please tap on top right corner and search Ethereum token then switch on Ethereum token BEP20 manually. This guide can help too: How to Add or Remove a Coin

Same problem here, transaction history shows pending or is missing but the balance is ok.

Is there a way to fix the transaction history of XRP coin.

Alan. I need help recovering transaction log. The balance appears correct but missing transaction information

@MrNobody1 you can’t recover transaction history. Scan your address on explorer to see transactions history.

I hate to say it but Trust Wallet is a crap wallet if the app can’t properly sync up with all the ledger history or at least give user’s a way to force a rescan of the ledger. Users need a nice clean all-in-one-place history of their transactions on any given wallet token address where there’s been any history.

Rescanning the ledger using manual browser scans is ridiculous and a very clunky way to get the info.