Missing XYO tokens after restoring the correct phrase


Thank you for taking the time to help me with this. Long story short, I redeemed 15 198 xyo tokens from COIN App back in november 2020. (Proof will follow) At that time, these XYO were worth around 4$ USD. They were given as a reward for playing the app for about a year. COIN App certifies Trust Wallet for holding these coins. I let them sleep a couple months in my Trust Wallet, changed phone since then. Kept the Security Phrase securely which still works. And now when I re imported my wallet in my new phone. It only shows me my small bit of ETH, which i left there in case i would ever need to pay transaction fees.

I have the latest version of Trust Wallet for the latest IOS.
Here is my wallet adress as well:

Proof of having the XYO in Trust (you can see the correct app dark background and xyo logo as well as the amount. It is a screenshot that i took of my balance which i cropped and that was automatically backed up in my google drive photos back in January 2021. In case something like this would happen.

Thanks again for your assistance in advance.

Eric Garcia

Hello @EMADEIT99 There’s no transaction history for XYO on this address. That means, it never received any XYO.

If you can locate transaction hash for your transaction, drop it here please.

Hi! sorry i linked the wrong address.

here is the right adress:

also, i have used the same recovery phrase in the past. back in january 2021 actually. and it worked back then, i took a screenshot of my balance then. shown above.

Now it just seems to link to the wrong ERC-20 address(which is the one i pasted here first by mistake).

@EMADEIT99 it is obvious you imported wrong wallet. This wallet seems newer than the one you sent above with transactions history about 500 days ago. But this one has transaction history above 300 days ago, so it seems you had two different wallets in the app and you backed up only one wallet (the one with DAI transactions ). Try to locate the correct phrase for another wallet with your XYO in case you did backup for all two wallets.

it’s only since november 2020 (300 days ago) that i learned about trust wallet. exactly when i received my xyo tokens

Hi allan, i sent the first address by mistake, I’ve never had two wallets in trustwallet. i only had one wallet for the xyo tokens i received from coin app. i also have used this recovery phrase successfully before. 500 days ago i did not know about trust wallet. i learned about trust wallet from coin app, when they told me to deposit my xyo in trust wallet which is certified by Coin app.

ive ever only written one phrase before, and this phrase was for only 1 wallet which was containing my XYO tokens.

@EMADEIT99 the address you sent by mistake is the wallet that you backed up and it is not a wrong wallet as you have been used it from about 500 days ago. And the one that contains XYO is completely different wallet, that means either you had two wallets and you backup only one or you withdraw your tokens to wrong address.

Nothing we can do from our side. You have to find the correct wallet recovery and restore your wallet.