MITX BEP2 How I can exchange it to BEP20 or ETC20 or exchange without loss

How I can change MITX BER2, it’s have a very bad exchange rate, I have 5700 MITX which price is 415$ but I can change only for 0,38 BNB which is definitely not equal to $ 415, is it possible for me to withdraw this coin without any losses?

Hello @german21 if the current rates at the built-in DEX are not good, you can research on exchanges where your token is losted and transefer them from Trust wallet to exchange.

@Alan47 I have already tried to do this, but Trust Wallet does not allow me to do this and writes to me that the BNB address is not correct

I cannot withdraw my money, this is some kind of cheating


@german21 it seems you are trying to send to BEP20 address which is wrong. The correct address for BEP2 should start with bnb…. Make sure the exchange you want to transfer your tokens to supports BEP2 assets.

@Alan47 I don’t have the main claim to the fact that I cannot transfer a coin anywhere, but I can only change it with a very bad exchange rate, I just want to withdraw it and there are no other options other than exchange, just the price of coinmarketcap does not match yours. You can fix it somehow or add MITX ETC20 or BEP20 because it is cheating

@german21 there is something that is not clear for you let me clarify this, The main reason the price on the DEX differ from the price displayed in the wallet is that, Trust wallet has no exchange but we’ve integrated Binance DEX for BEP2 assets swap/exchange and 1inch protocol for BEP20 and ERC20 assets… so, prices in the DEX are not set by Trust Wallet but the above exchanges respectively.

Again, if you don’t agree with their prices you have to move your tokens to exchange with good rates.

As if I can’t do anything except exchange for BNB at a bad exchange rate, that is, I’m just physically, besides how to exchange I can’t do anything else, but this is your mistake.