$MKR (MAKER) price higher than $ETH

what do you think about $ MKR (Rank 32) why can the price be higher than $ ETH? Is this really a big project?

Discussion here please


I dont know why…how he can moon up higher than eth, thats so surprised me


Guys, if you want to survive in this market, make sure you understand it. The price itself DOESN’T MATTER! It’s about the market cap!

How to understand the market cap

(the classification on Coinmarketcap is based on the market caps of the coins!!!)

Let’s take ETH for example. ETH has a circulating supply of 112,038,755 ETH, which, times the price gives us the market cap. (112,038,755 x $392 = ~43 billion dollars)

Now, how can Maker have a higher price yet a lower market cap? Simple, because it must have a lower circulating supply? Right? Of course!
Maker: circulating supply of 1,005,577 MKR times price ($603) = its market cap (~606 million), which is 70 times lower than ETH!

Let’s take another example: the 42-coin (search for it on Coinmarketcap)
Circulating supply is: 42
Price is: $34,778.76 (3 times higher than Bitcoin, and? it doesn’t matter)
Market cap: 42x34,778 = ~1,460,000 - this is 142,046 times less than BTC’s market cap.

I hope now you understand how this works. If there are further misunderstanding let me know.




Waw best answer, thanks for it bro


You got it right. The volume and the supply has something to do with its value. Liked your answer. :+1:

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This is a good explanation. nice!

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If it is a great project and also very useful, although it is part of the ETH network, because people have trusted the currency and have earned that value, if it continues over time and continues to grow, it would be confirming it.

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It’s really abt d market cap

Nice inform all about

Its really about the market cap, inform as many as you can please

Also all good info is usefully

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