Mnemoric phrases

I re install my trustwallet and everytime i put my 12 phrases it always incorrect!how come i have the correct phrases,now i cannot see my asset inside my wallet.please help me with this!i have lots of tokens inside my wallet .

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Hello @Jhoe17 try the following: Cannot Import Wallet "Invalid mnemonic phrase" Error

Yes,i done that already!but it only suggest the last phrases was FILE in which was wrong!when i use that WORD it was not my account!it didnt import my asset.I save my 12 phares,how come it become wrong???what happend?what about my asset inside my wallet should i still recover it?

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My seed phrase is one word missing I wrote and I didin’t count if it was complete. Is there a chance to recover this issue? Thanks


@Botbot nothing we can do. Read more: Lost Recovery Phrase or Private Key

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I have the same issues it keeps saying invalid and my phrase are correct I regret using it

Hello @Chisamsamuel09
Please make sure that you have the right set of words.
Here is a guide that might help:

I have the correct words
I even used it yesterday
So why is today different
I don’t like what I’m experiencing
I have to pay bills today

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I have my words correct
I have all correct
So why should it say invalid

This issues us to be solved now or I will blast you guys all over the internet

This issues should be solved right now or it causes big problem for your company
You all are thief’s

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Check the spelling for all the words, ensure they are correct.
This is not a Trust wallet issue.

It is
It’s my correct code
Can they just take 30%
And I take 70%
Cause I really need the money back right now