Moonpay And Trust Wallet

Hello. So I wanted to buy BNB for my Trust Wallet, so I chose Moonpay, since that’s the seller I got from Trust Wallet. After placing my order It has been 10 hours since by order and still no information from Moonpay. All I get from them is a automated reply, no real support. Why did Trust Wallet allow such a seller? If I can’t even get the “BNB” I ordered. And I am not the only one with the issue. I recently went to Trustpilot to look at reviews. I mostly saw the same issues. They have been waiting relentlessly and the only thing they got back was a automated reply.


I am not sure that it is the issue. I just recently downloaded Trust Wallet, like a few days ago, nothing should be wrong with it.

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And I placed the order 9 AM, its 8 PM now and still nothing. Would be lovely if this was resolved already.

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Same issue! Verbatim! I have received no support other than automated bots! From either trustwallet or moonpay!

I mean more than 10 hours, I placed the order at 9 AM, they took the money and now it’s 8.35 PM for me.

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i am the same as you Inkk… Places 830AM still… 11 hours later nothing.

yesterday i got 2 transactions solved. :+1:t2:

But for now it is bad.

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Yeah, I am legit watching how most of the crypto has gone up by 30% that i wanted to buy.

Yeah sad isnt it. :disappointed:

i heard from another user (2 hours ago)

That BNB had issues and now they coming back online so they will pay out soon…

Lets hope then

No Idea, Im legit thinking we have to wait the same exact amount we waited, before we get everything. But lets try to be optimistical and hope we get it within 1-2 hours now. So we dont lose that much anymore.

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I come back in two hours from now to see or inspect if i get any. and if i get i will say it aswell.

Bought 200. Couldnt be that hard…

here is some proof fro. Binance Twitter

Well at least it’s something. But I am a bit disappointed in the timing.

Moonpay may be out of bnb so they may have to buy some more however this may take them some time in order for them to be able to buy it,

also moonpay in the afternoon…

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Yeah kind of knew it. Which is why I am a bit pissed off. But it is what it is -.-

I am having an issue with Simplex, MoonPay won’t even show up as a buying option. When I go to check out it says service unavailable on Simplex’s side. Been trying to buy BNB through Trust for over 2 days now but probably going to have to just buy through Binance and transfer to Trust. Super frustrating.

Still nothing !! 3 hours later after 15 hou i what can i say… we miss the boat boys… ffs

Hello I transfer bitcoin from an external wallet to my trust wallet but I am yet to receive it in my trust wallet while it’s successful from my Binance app

same here, transfered bitcoin couple of hours ago from binance to trust wallet, transaction is completed in the blockchain explorer but fund are still at 0 in trust wallet.

It’s been over 12 hours for my btc to be usable. It shows me the transfer and even the money is added to my balance but It doesn’t show where I go to swap it. I’m guessing it’s because of the volume but worried of the value when it does come alive.