MoonPirate value not showing in wallet

I swapped BNB to MoonPirate using PancakeSwap.
The number of MoonPirate is showing, but the value is not.
Please HELP!

Transaction Hash:


Thank you.

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Yes, its same for Moontoken. Anything to resolve this issue? I dont know what to do.


I purchased Safemoon from the dapps in pancake swap and my balance is not showing up in the trust wallet. 2 days now. I can only see how many coins I have if I go back into the dapps under pancake swap and it will only show the number of tokens it doesn’t list an amount of money or translate to dollars.


I am having the same issue since yesterday. purchased CHOWCHOW and tokens in trustwallet but no dollar amount .

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I also have the same issue with moontoken. Just shows the token number going up but no dollar value. Any resolution for this? It’s bugging the heck out of me.

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Same issue with FEG, tokens showing but no value in euros. Anybody who can help. Due to FEG?

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Hi any news on fixing this issue ?same with me cant even see the graph when clicking on moon token sais unavailable ,will never know if we making profit or not this sucks …let me know if found the solution please

Please read this article,

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hello, i have the same problem with another moon token, it shows the number of the tokens but not the value; i will try to send it into another wallet that supports this coin, see if something’s changing

Just enable safemoon coin in trustwallet from coin list which is right hand side top corner

SafeMoon value is showing in the wallet, but the MoonPirate value is not showing

Moonpirate is not showing calculated worth for me either…only shows amount of shares…