More DeFi options like Argent wallet

It can be cool to see more integrations around DeFi like Argent Wallet have, and also a better integration in the app maybe.

An option to receive RealT tokens inside Trust Wallet too and the interests.

Because currently Trust is a very good wallet, but I think it can be better with more integration inside the DeFi…

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I’m still new and waiting for permission to post, so dropping a request here, for now. I have 2xRequests I’d like to see in TW. I’ll make an actual post when I’m moved out of “bot or not bot” status.

  • I’d like to see an easy way to stake SOL in Finance tab. Staking on Solana is complicated no matter which way you do it.

  • I think making a token automatically show up in the wallet after swapping to it will reduce the questions of “where are my tokens?” As of now you have to hit the button at top right and select your token toggle on in order to see it. Then it will show up and you’ll see your balance.