More tokens/coins

Please add native support for more coins/tokens especially:

Monero, Stratis, Neo, Nem


Wallet Core Crypto library is open source and freely available for crypto projects to add their coins/blockchain support, feel free to send a request to those projects and ask them to add New Blockchain Support into Trust Wallet.

Status for current blockchains integrations.


Can we add native coin N8V?

What needs to be done?

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Are you referring to this token
If you know the development team, they can submit the requirements here:
I am a Developer and I want to Contribute!

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Yes, that is the one

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Add XVG Please, it can be really cool

Hello Iā€™m new with ETH, please I need help

Please also add CREDITS native coin so i can have all my coins on my Trust wallet. You used to support the eth token version before they had main net, please upgrade to main net coin.

These guys:

credits. com

yes , please add NEO(NEP5)