Move watch wallet in trust make wallet the main wallet

Hello everybody I have 2 different wallets, a main one and a watch. I would now like to move everything to the main wallet. can you help me please. Thank you very much

Hello @Sardas,

You need to import the recovery phrase/private key/keystore JSON of the respective watch wallet so you can transfer your funds to the main wallet. Here’s a guide regarding importing: How to Import a Wallet

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Nice day

Unfortunately, I don’t have the recovery phrase (the 12-24 words) or I forgot it.
Is there still the possibility


If you lost your recovery phrase, then your wallet would not be accessible anymore. Please read and understand this thread: Lost Recovery Phrase or Private Key

hello everyone I meant that I have 2 different wallets on trust wallet. with one I can act and with the other I can only look. I want to put it together now.

they work as two separate wallet you have to pay for transferring your coins from watch wallet to main.
and for the wallet that you can only look you need to add youre private key.

Hi @Sardas, to be able to transfer your funds from the watch wallet, you have to follow the reply that I sent earlier.

Hello everybody ,

sorry but i can’t manage it. I have now tried several times without success. Can not be cleaned up by the support team.

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@sardas kindly go through it carefully what @iamdeadlyzsuggesred she be able to take care of your problem.

Or you kindly transfer all funds one after the other from the other wallet to the other as simple as that though stressfully.

I’ve got it over and over again. I also tried to transfer everything, but since it’s a watch wallet you can’t do anything just look. I believe you that it is very easy …

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Hello @Sardas,

First create a new wallet by following this guide How to Create a Multi-Coin Wallet.

When this is completed, you can follow this guide
Unable to Send Coins or Tokens

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