Multi coin/token to target coin [like swaping]

I dont know what types of idea in my head now… Bt i want to share plz…
Dont mind…:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Many of trust wallet user have less (not more) different types of token/coin.
But they cant exchange those coin because of low lavel of coin/token…

So my idea is… Plz can dev make something like
All multicoin to target coin like swaping…

Example: multicoin to trx / eth /etc.
Dogee/bat/omg/etc :arrow_right: trx [ only one coin/token]

Plz i dont know what this but i think this will help many user who have not so much token/coin to exchange.

If i say something wrong plz pardon me.
If u like it plz share your feedback to.
Thank you dev, Team, all members :two_hearts:


Nice idea bro. :white_check_mark:

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Binance exchange has this feature, since its a centralized exchange, its possible to make them one currency, however in trust wallet, a decentralized wallet app, it wont be possible because not all tokens are available for exchange in one exchange it will require too much muscle on the :trust: team’s part.

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Well your idea is good to consolidate low value low quantity coins and swap for another coin collectively.

This is very easy for a centralized exchange where you don’t have funds in your custody and even when you buy or sell on the exchange the funds do not move in real. The holder is changed only and the real transaction happens only when you deposit or withdraw from a centralized exchange like Binance.

In trust Wallet, you are the custodian of your funds and for moving all little coins to swap with another means separate transactions. There may be case where the transaction cost would be more than the value of your scattered savings. So as far I can see this is not practical unless other community members have know otherwise.


U right… Bt i think if it would be on… It will be more than a wallet…
Bt team need to really hard way if they want it for members…