Multiple cryptos in single address, LP token?


I managed to setup my Trust Wallet and put some crypto in it.

I then connected it to pancakeswap and did some yield farming,

When I stopped to the yield farming and released the crypto back to my wallet something bizarre happened.

I got a token called CAKE-LP and my crypto is contained within the blockchain address associated with it.

I have no idea how to separate them out again.

Have CAKE BOR and BNB all locked within the one address.

Didn’t even realise that was possible.

Any ideas?

I did try the wallet recovery but that didn’t help :frowning:
Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I’m also 53 so all this techy stuff is already very comfusing.

Thanks in advance for any advice anyone might be able to proffer

Hi @WayneStobbe,

When you add liquidity, you will be given an LP token to represent your share in the pool. That’s why your CAKE BOR and BNB are combined into one token.

You can enter your wallet address here and check for the status of your liquidity: PancakeSwap

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Yeah I finally figured that out.

Couldn’t find them in pancake swap but there was an option to manually enter the token pair and search and they were found that way.

All very intense for a 53 year old to figure out.

I envy you young guys who are naturals at all this :slight_smile:

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Hi I think, i’m having the same problem. It seems to be that i have cak-lp tokens in my wallet twice and it seems that i can’t so anything with it.

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