Multiple Values not showing

I’m sure this question comes up a lot but how or when do newer coins start showing a value in my wallet? I have BSC wrapped Jup (bwJUP) and BEP20 ORAI which both just became available on BSC, and have ERC tokens that are on either coin gecko or coin market cap that do not show dollar value including: LPOOL, HOGE, TRDL, and, Is there something I can do to fix this? Thanks for your help!

Hi @tgriff33,

Please read this guide where it explains the requirements in order for the token to have a pricing data:

Thanks for the reply. Not sure if I’m reading it right but it says if the coin is only listed on coin gecko it needs 100m market cap and 100m trading volume (is that daily or in total). Does that also go for assets listed on coin market cap? LPOOL, TRDL, and ALOHA are listed on both sites and HOGE is listed on Coin market cap. So shouldn’t the prices show for those four? I see that MP4 is on neither along with the binance wrapped JUP and ORAI so I understand i’ll have to wait for those to be listed. Thanks!


Please read:

There is another issue, that is not the only problem.

I have coins that show no value though on a friend’s trust wallet they do show value.

It is a application problem or a process problem please advise?


Hi have you found how to make coins show…
I too would like to know the answer. Thanks you in advance.