My AVAX not showing up in TrustWallet?

I am unable to see my AVAX in TrustWallet. Please help?

Trustwallet Version:
6.12, ios

Wallet Address:

Transaction Hash ID: 0x89c06f843ed33e19beec52fb109b3ab3ebb152ee8fe9458add566a34c5184527

Transfer time = 12/1/2021 @ 7:57pm EST

Status = Confirmed (by metamask and snowtrace):

Hi, please tap on top right corner and search AVAX then switch on manually. This guide can help too: How to Add or Remove a Coin

I imported my coinbase wallet, then added AVAX manually and the balance is still $0. Do you know how I get my AVAX balance to update. Since the transfer was to myself, I have the proper credentials as sender and receiver. I see that the transaction was successfull, but the AVAX still does not show up in my wallet? Perhaps I am not using the right chain? From the transaction details, it looks like the AVAX c-chain on Etherium.