My AXE tokens are stuck

I sendt some axe tokens to my trust wallet and i think they are stuck:( i can see them in the wallet but i cant send them to exchange or anything. Anyone know anything about this?

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Hi. Could you provide more information about your token transactions? Are they in error state or pending? Provide also app version, android version, and transaction hash.

I sendt them to mew wallet and now they are stuck in contract. I can see them in the network but they wont show in the mew wallet. Hash 0x25e525c7ea0412a17f5a512fee6ca30b03dbc5d28e7dbb3509964c23b2bdefd8

The tokens were sent to this address: Address 0xe18210ba916019ccbc9cc1f60eac1d72fdccff15 | Etherscan

Is this your MEW wallet address?
If yes, then you just might need to add it as a custom token.

Yes its the mew wallet. I will try.

It worked😁 i can now see my axe tokens. But my problem is now to move them to an axe wallet, axe is a x11 token and have a different adress than eth tokens.
Guess im stuck again🤣

There might be a token swap mechanism that you need to go thru in order to have the tokens changed to that type.
Best to check with the project site or talk to their devs.

Thank you very much for your help:)

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