My balance was disappeared because I deleted the app and backup it again

I received a USDT TRC20 some hours ago and I’m trying to send it out not but is giving me issue that “ I don’t have enough tons to complete the transaction fee” so i deleted the app thinking maybe it outdated and install the trust wallet app back, I input my phrase correctly and I check my balance is 0.00 I add the Tron network too I see the Tron Balance is empty too (0.00) I check the Tron scan I can see there’s a transaction (in) there but my trust wallet is showing zero balance, please I need help

The Tron network requires wallet activation; this is a condition of the network, not the wallet.

Top up your account with TRX, a small amount will be debited for activation forever.

Add the usdt trc20 token to your wallet in “add tokens” and you will see your balance

Thank you, have done that and now I can see my usdt trc20 balance, but is asking me to send to have some trx for fee before I can send out usdt trc20. I want to add trx but the wallet address there is the same as usdt trc20 that was use to deposit usdt trc20… what do I do ? How do I add trx ? Or can u swap I’m unable to swap to trx from usdt trc20

usdt trc20 and trx using same address. Just add bit TRX on your address and you can send your usdt. You can’t swap usdt trc20 to trx because you don’t have TRX for Gas (fee)