My BNB is pending after the unstack

Hi, i stake 1 BNB, it’s been 7 days, i made the withdrawn but is pending


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Do not send your wallet recovery phrase, it’s a fake thing to rob you… any admin here to ban this guy (cody1) ?

Same boat, i have unstaked my bnb, in more details at binance page it is successful, and it is more than 12 hours sofar, yet pending!?
Somebody please help me too

Any adm for help us?

@zachzwei Please, see this, my unstack is stuck on pending 7+ days.

Transaction: A6693F7A3539E0DF4A77033E9C80482F4119BAEDF295826859580B08E05AD880

Unstaking starts the next day at UTC 00:00.
In your case, the BNB tokens will be available by 3/21 UTC 00:00
Learn more:

Dear, it is already more tha 7 days, 7 days 10 hours!
I have pending bnb in my wallet!?. What to do!?
But available is zero?

Can you share your BNB address and transaction ID so that we can review?

This is the address:

This is the transaction txhash:
These are my pending bnb, and binance explore info screenshot
But you should know the scammer has my wallet too🥺

The BNB was already sent out of the wallet.

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Hello, I’m having the same issue, it’s been like 15 days and everytime I try to unstake it says “something went wrong, please try again”. What can I do??

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I just redelegated but says the same message, I know I may have to wait for unstaking period. Please let me know if I have done it correctly

My one also pending even after success


Please keep updated if you have received back your funds after unstaking 7 days, there is 7 days processing time

Please am having the same issues
I unstaked my BNB, today made it 7 days and some hours but it’s still showing pending, please I need help with it @Admin

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Please these are my transaction details
I really need help





Bnb address


@Mr.Robot, yup, you have done it correctly.
Tx:Transaction Hash (TxHash): CFAA3A9D49BA7070C5EBF4C2FAF58121E0DAD60D57428B0ACDE1FB53C3B7E04D | BNB Beacon Chain

@redpiyo2003, you have done it correct as well.
Tx:Transaction Hash (TxHash): 1FDC21CF8F8311E3E58AF4BAE19778507A5DDF5E82DAE5E8895555B1716D3A6C | BNB Beacon Chain
Be informed that it will take 7 days for the BNB to be fully unstaked.
Unstaking period starts on the next day UTC 00:00
Once you unstake, you will not receive rewards.

Learn more:

@Tennylite, you already received it in your wallet. Check again.

My BNB is pending after unstake, please help

My stake date: March 14, 2021 21:46:07
My redelegate date: March 23, 2021 04:40:06
My unstake date: March 30, 2021 23:51:25
Now: it’s Pending
When it’s receive to my wallet??

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Hi @Mazhar990,

Please check my previous post:

Thus, wait patiently for the unstaking process to end.

Thank you, i check your post!

But I have to wait 7 days after Unstake?

(My unstake date: March 30, 2021 23:51:25)

So that means I have to wait until April 7, 2021 00:00 UTC, I calculated correctly? Please answer :pray: