My BTC transaction is still pending

i have same issue, can you please help me?
my public key is:
my trust version is 1.26.11
it’s Unconfirmed in the pool since yesterday.
Trust wallet have bug, when it showed Fee it was $60 then i reduced it to $6.30 then after transaction i saw the fee is less than $1 !!
Is my money safe?
Should i do anything at current moment?

Hi @far711,

Upon checking, you don’t have any pending transactions. You can double-check here:

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yes i fixed it bymyself last night.
first i changed my phrases to private key(it’s a little complicate) then i opened keys with then i clicked on the pending bitcoin transaction and it showed me Accelerate button then i clicked on it then previous transaction disapeared and new one appeared and it’s done.

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Thanks for your trying to help.