My BUSD balance is not displayed

Good evening please this morning I made a withdrawal of Binance Busd for trust wallet but it does not appear in my wallet so far txid0x8215aa9f4f4b0c1a823e0d53d50b1fc052a1e90ed1f57c98efaca89a2610c1af help me to recovery thème please

Same problem for me

I have attached a pix of your wallet balance
All you need to do is: go to add token
Slide the button in the front
Go back to your wallet area
Your balance will now reflect

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Your BUSD balance is already in your wallet, all you need to do for it to reflect in the wallet area is to add it

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Actually, i was mixing Binance USD and BUSD-BEP 20 … not showing BUSD-BEP20 … now it’s ok.
Many thanks