My coin did not come to my wallet

My coin did not come to my wallet.
As shown in the picture, all coins sent by account A were deposited.
The coin sent from account B has not been deposited.
Same number, but different date sent (A–2/5 27600 received)
(B–2/3 27600 Not Received!!)
The trensaction ID is both the same, but the date is different and only received 27600 sent on February 5.
Please check the remaining coins.
transaction ID 0x1114c6ab60260e8064528ae52a4be0db8f9df1bfca89b469d00f679210a4ba04

Wallet deposit address 0x9f391468191152E65FF5fc7653ddD7a54E254362

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This is what Etherscan shows for your address: 0x9f391468191152e65ff5fc7653ddd7a54e254362

It is a bit hard to see the transaction ID for that one that is missing.
Can you paste it here so that we can check further?


Your current balance for 0x9f391468191152E65FF5fc7653ddD7a54E254362

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Please I got 100 euros in piple but it didnt come in my wallet. So what can I do?

Try this guide: