My Coins are being converted in uniswap

I have Notice that my coin luffy inu, which I hold 804 billion coin in wallet . But when i go to uniswap it says I only have 804 coins only. I think im being cheated here! See for urself.Screenshot_20211115-171753_Trust Wallet|236x500

@Leex2603 Send your wallet address and transaction hash in plain text too (copy and paste here).

0x548092Df6c97eBF054B191b002B2ca25824CE959 wallet address
No transaction cause I haven’t done it yet. But you see what I’m talking about… on uniswap I 820 coins only…

@Leex2603 app is showing correct balance, problem could be with Uniswap. You can contact them for support.

according uniswap i currently hold 810 luffy inu. Which isn’t the case i feel, there more to this then just a number.