My coins is missing

Please help me get my missing coins back my woman sent me coins yesterday ut reflects and went missing please help me get my coins back my wallet address is


Hello @Bruno44
You do not have any available BTC on your wallet.
It’s been sent out. If that wasn’t done by you, then your wallet is compromised.

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I have the same problem somebody tell my it’s smart contract just need to ad more it’s true?

@claudiu85 What do you mean by add smart contract ? That doesn’t sound right and seems a scam.

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0xeefb02168b98858714b1356367352ffbc60886c0d294f1ccbc2cee6823db7683 transaction hash

0xeefb02168b98858714b1356367352ffbc60886c0d294f1ccbc2cee6823db7683 transactions hash

It told me I have a smart contract and I have to deposit a higher sum to revert contract I cannot upload pictures of transfer

@claudiu85 That’s clearly a scam, it’s best you do not engage in that.