My Purchased USDC in Trust Wallet via Moonpay has still not yet reflected in my TRUST Wallet account

I Purchased USDC from within my Trust Wallet using Moonpay but it has still not yet reflected in my TRUST Wallet account, even though I got an email saying " Your USDC is on its way" almost 8 hours ago. Moonpay says to contact Trust Wallet. This is so frustrating. The transaction Hash included in the " Your USDC is on its way" email from Trust 8 hours ago remains unable to be located in Etherscan.

Anyone ever been in my situation. Any help or suggestions to remedy this dilemma will be greatly appreciated. There seems to be absolutely no human support from Trust Wallet. It’s almost always generic robotic replies I get each time I contact their support.

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Currently in this same situation after purchasing USDT through Moonpay. Really regretting it now. Been over an hour since i got the “Your USDT is on its way” email.

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Good news “zwhite18”, the USDC funds finally hit my account. Just thought to update everyone…I guess I just needed to be patient. The reason I freaked out was because previous transactions always took no more than 10 to 15 minutes or less.

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@zwhite18, try to reach out to them directly so they can check: