My recovery phrase was having problems

Hello my recovery sentence does not match and each time I write the sentence it is always an error


You need to be sure that you have the right set as this is unique for every wallet.
Learn more here:


Hey there, finally found a place to write a messsage, not so easy to do. :slight_smile: anyways, here’s my issue. I just tried to transfer my account to TrustWallet using the mnemonic recovery phrase that I created with my Ellipal Wallet. When I originally created the account in Ellipal I also chose to create the (optional) Passphrase of 1 additional word. But when I use my mnemonic recovery phrase of 12 words plus the 1 additional passphrase word, the TrustWallet says “invalid mnemonic phrase”. If I enter only the 12 words, it says “your wallet was successfully imported” but this imported wallet is NOT my wallet, the successfully imported wallet has completely new coin addresses with no balances.

I don’t understand.

Why can I not use 12 words plus 1 additional word?
When I enter only the 12 words, why is it successfully importing a wallet that is completely unknown to me?

Please Help!

Thank You!


So then a second Issue. So I created an account in the Ellipal but this time I did not use the optional passphrase. So now I have an account on Ellipal created with ONLY the 12 words. The new account has BTC and ETH.

Then Strange Results…

I enter the 12 words to recover this account in the TrustWallet. It accepts the 12 words. But this is the strange part. The ETH Address is showing correct in the TrustWallet, same as in the Ellipal, but the BTC Address is completely different than the one in the Ellipal???

So the 12 words created in the Ellipal is recovering the ETH address in the TrustWallet, but the SAME 12 words are creating a different BTC address inside the TrustWallet than the BTC address it created in the Ellipal. So even with no passphrase and only the 12 words. It recovered the correct ETH account but an unknown BTC

I noticed one thing with the BTC addresses

This is the one generated by Ellipal:


But with the correct recovery phrase, TrustWallet generates this: bc1qzjkdw6xaasnq373cp56xd5fpcv5zjsj448tws7

Is this because Ellipal generates Nested SegWit (P2SH) type address and Trustwallet does not recognize it because it is generating a Native SegWit (bech32) type address.

Trying to figure this out because it’s creating the wrong BTC but the correct ETC even with a wallet with no passphrase.

Again Thank You for all your help!!! :slight_smile:

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Every wallet has different ways to derive an address.
ETH is already a standard that is why you are able to see the same address.
However for BTC wallet, since we use a Segwit address, it will certainly be different.
The app only allows a 12 or 24 word recovery phrase.

My suggestion, just create a new multicoin wallet on the Trust Wallet and move your funds manually.


Hello My recovery phrase was having problems

Unfortunately, I saved 11 out of 12 words and forgot one of them. Please help me

Hi @mihanabad

Please be informed that we do not keep a log of your recovery phrases for your security. For further information, please read: Lost Recovery Phrase or Private Key

You have to remember and/or try every possible word which can be found here: bips/english.txt at master · bitcoin/bips · GitHub

– Locking the thread since this is an old one and your question is already answered. Feel free to create a new thread if necessary.

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