My SAND did not arrive

Hello! Have the same problem with SAND.

  1. Version -2.12
  2. Wallet address - 0x5a190dac32bb03e8125ca9ccd4bbb3e7e2e64411
  3. 0x655ec221f1ad805b07cceebebf785f72e8300bb573fa350c16c61eaaf8084d23
  4. 0 SAND

Hi @AldSerg,

Upon checking your wallet address, your SAND tokens are in the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain/network.

You can view it in your wallet by doing the following:

  1. Tap the toggle sign on the upper right of the main wallet screen
  2. Select “Add Custom Token”
  3. Enter the following details:
    Contract address - 0xBbba073C31bF03b8ACf7c28EF0738DeCF3695683
    Name - SAND
    Symbol - SAND
    Decimals - 18
  4. Then press the “DONE” button located at the top right corner and go back to your wallet.

You should be able to view the SAND Polygon ERC20 tokens after following the steps.

As for the missing logo and price of this asset, I reported this issue to the devs already.

Got it, thank you. Can see it now, everything is ok, waiting for price indication.

Cool! Glad to know that you can see it in your wallet. The logo and price will simply appear once it has been fixed in the backend. Do you have any questions aside from the previous issue?

In general no questions. Was unpleasantly surprised with 0 Sand in the wallet, but suspected that problem was with Matic transaction.

I see, sorry about that. Usually, it should show up automatically, but, given the fact that it is not tracked in the backend, we had to import it manually.

If you encounter any new issues or if there is something that you want to clarify feel free to click the “New Topic” button to create a new one.

I’ll lock this topic to prevent thread hijackers so that anyone who encounters the same problem can follow this smoothly.

Cheers and see you around!~