My short words of centralized and decentralized blockchain

Hello, trust-chuelos, just like you, I am new to the world of blockchain. And the most recurring thing I experienced is understanding that wallets can be centralized and decentralized.
Defining in short the first, centralized is the one that its main characteristic is governance by an entity (they are usually a company with an additional lucrative purpose) that is in charge of giving broad support (here is the game that they are third parties that intervenes between your crypto assets and you) and make innovations in it, therefore providing many more services than just storing.
The second one, the decentralized ones, does not have a governability, the external people do not intervene between the assets and you are sure if there is a designer and someone who keeps them updated, but this mode is designed to give freedom to the users and, like all this, it presents a great responsibility to monitor the values ‚Äč‚Äčso that the wallet is safe.
To end the view, daily newspapers asking for centralized support in a decentralized wallet motivated me to make this short writing, we must assume responsibility as the power that is to control our own for these, without a doubt the blockcain is the present and future .
Postada: translated into english by google translator original language spanish.


Nice explanation… Well done… Keep it up