My swap of BNB for FINE showing 27 quad trillion

I did a swsp of BNB for FINE on pancske, i should jave 27 FINE, BUT amount shown in trust wallet is way too many why?
This should be 27 not 27000000000000. Please advise.

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mine said 70 and i cant find it now in my truswallet did it take awhile for it to show up

Transfer to trust was insanely fast. Add the token to your wallet and use bsc ot will show up. If you have already added it, check to see that its not ERC20 version. Good luck! Remember to be FINE to eachother!

In add tokens. Recreate the Refineable Token in the bsc network. Repeate the steps as you did when first adding it. Needs to be 18 decimals and all set!

Hey, I have put it in and put 18 decimals and still not showing how many shared I got…

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