My tokens is lost, sent USDT BEP20 to Math Cloud Wallet

I sent my USDT tokens of the VER 20 system FROM the TRUST wallet to my MATH wallet USD of the ERC20 system and they did not reach the wallet.
Do you know what to do in this case?
Have you already lost your tokens or not yet?
Where to apply for a refund?

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Hello @tres71,

Please contact the customer support of MATH wallet since you sent the crypto to their platform.

i go to Telegram of Math, but there many scammers.

Check their help center: Contact Us – MathWallet

I think, MATH wallet is a scammers
They wrote:
"0xd89e03D206f276CF064835Abb2552A7c0cC7174e is your cloud wallet address used to recieve ETH or any ERC20 assets,not only USDT_ERC20.

But it can only recieve assets created on Ethereum,your transaction Hash: 0x8888729715812d5366ecef02e1e2c1d6a19a06e5edbbbba25559b70197c76bf7 was made on Binance Smart Chain.Not on Ethereum.

0xd89e03D206f276CF064835Abb2552A7c0cC7174e can not be used to recieve assets that created on Binance Smart Chain.
Is that clear?"
We just checked your transaction 0x8888729715812d5366ecef02e1e2c1d6a19a06e5edbbbba25559b70197c76bf7.

The BUSD-T was sent by you to your ETH cloud wallet’s address,and because the cloud wallet has no private key,so it’s not able to import a BSC wallet.
That’s to say,you’ve lost the wrongly sent BUSD-T assets.

If they do not support the ability to extract the recovery phrase/private key, then it is not possible to retrieve your USDT BEP20. The only way to get it back is if they will configure their system to do so.

Sorry to hear about your recent experience, please be careful next time and double-check before transacting.