My topic is being exchanged and highly interactive, and it disappears without a trace

Hello Admin and everyone! Has anyone ever been in the same situation as me? And can everyone share how to solve this problem? My topic is being exchanged continuously by the community every day, the interaction is increasing. And suddenly it disappeared. I do not understand what this is about? :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Maybe your topics are have been flagged

Strange but still there must be a reason… Maybe you’ve been flagged for doing something wrong or your internet is messing with you … So check to verify all these before finding out with Admin

The only thing I noticed is my topic being under review and at the end of it not displayed :pensive:, I just stopped creating topics, instead I read and contribute :roll_eyes:

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May not well structured and not in line with rules and regulations of the community


I think that it happened to me the same and apparently it is to avoid repeated themes, as well as disorganization of them in search of better validity.

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I think similar reason mine was flagged as inappropriate too.

See terms and services about community