My Trust Wallet Crypto Currency 321 USDT Missing Stolen my Crypto Currency

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I have been depositing and mining usdt Crypto Currency through trust wallet usdt beb20 Binance smart chain block chain technology since March 9th.

It was working fine for two months.

Today suddenly the crypto currency in my trust wallet disappeared

I asked the mining team what was the reason
I asked for an explanation
They give excuses and ignore them

Please kindly refund my crypto currency

I have attached a screenshot of its details
I request you to please receive and return my crypto currency


Hello @Boopathi, what are you trying to say? Were you somehow got compromised or something ? Also if you had interacted with a mining system, then your funds disappear and they aren’t willing to help you (mining system support team), I’m sorry but no one can help you because transactions are irreversible and Trust isn’t responsible about it, cause you did it on your own will. I suggest to move out all your remaining funds to another wallet and stop using this mining system

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