My wallet don’t show my Bitcoin balance

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My wallet don’t show my Bitcoin balance

I uninstall Trustwallet and install again and import 12 key, but don’t show Btc balance

With Coinomi wallet i haven’t this problem.
The Btc Address in coinomi different with Btc Address in TrustWallet, why?
My trust wallet is latest Ver.
I using some vpn
I Perform the above 5 steps Unresolved problem.

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Hi @Mazhar990,

To clarify, did you use the same recovery (mnemonic) phrase to the Coinomi wallet? Does the Coinomi wallet show your balance? Also, does the wallet address in Coinomi starts with bc1?

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The phrase is same 100%
My coinomi wallet show balance clearly and Ok
Btc adress in coinomi wallet is 3 Addres:

  1. Default: start with bc1…
  2. compatibility: start with 3D…
  3. Legacy: start with 1L…

My Btc address in TrustWallet: start with bc1

Notice: Default Btc adress in Coinomi not same with TrustWallet, but Both start with bc1

Help please
Thank you

Thanks for clarifying. Please be informed that Trust Wallet uses the SegWit protocol.

Since your funds are on a different wallet (hence, the different wallet address), it’s not detected by the Trust Wallet app.

If necessary, you can transfer your funds from the P2SH (compatibility) address to the Segwit version that was derived by Trust Wallet. You might as well want to check if Coinomi derives the same by comparing the bc1 address from the Trust Wallet app to their default bc1.

Thank you,
It was fixed, but a $ 20 fee was deducted :pleading_face:
Please refund that amount.


$20 was spent in transferring BTC? Please be informed that Trust Wallet didn’t charge those fees. It goes directly to the Bitcoin miners. Thus, refunds cannot be done.

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