My wallet has not deposit 0.5 ETH

My wallet has not deposit 0.5 ETH. Here is the transaction hash: 0x7647bf490fd05a0eab983f474795a4f88b8fa7361ad6bc34ad8d28c144a52b69

Why no payment?

This came in as an internal transaction.
The app does not display this but the balance should reflect the incoming ETH.

Not. I made a withdrawal from the service
They wrote to me that the payment from them successfully left.

But I didn’t get 0.5 ETH to my wallet.

You can already see it in Etherscan, under Internal Transactions…

The app just not shows it but it was already received by this address:

Nothing is lost, everything has been credited.

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I don’t have an incoming payment on my wallet and, accordingly, it is not on my balance. Here is a screenshot:

As what I have said, the app will not show the internal transaction.
This is a feature that is not enabled yet.
Rest assured, the ETH came into the wallet.
You might not just notice it.

And on the balance sheet they should have been displayed?

Etherscan shows the internal transaction coming in.
This is enough proof that the wallet received it.
Trust Wallet just mirrors what is on the blockchain.
As the wallet is a bridge to the Ethereum network.

OK thanks. I did not pay attention to the balance.

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